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San Diego Airport Town Car & Limo Service (858) 215-4111

March 27, 2012


San Diego Luxury Sedan Services -(858)215-4111 Transportation to LAX BUR LGB ONT SNA and SAN Airports
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Limo & Town Car Services

San Diego Airporter provides our client’s with full service luxury transportation that is affordable and confortable offering newer model Executive Sedans and San Diego Limousine Service. Our car’s are always detailed, smoke free and ready to go on a moments notice

Airport Pickup & Drop Off

Need a Ride / Airport Shuttle? Unlike other airports San Diego Airport requires an advanced reservation in order to pick you up in a personalized Limo or Town Car @ San Diego International Airport

We specialize in taking care of corporate executives. Contact us to pick up your executives, managers and employee’s in style and luxury in our Limo or Town Car at their hotel, convention center or corporate headquarters. Contact us for special executive rates and making a reservation.
San Diego is a beautiful area for weddings year around. Please reserve your Limo or Town Car in advance for your special day and we’ll pick up the lovely bride and entire wedding party.
There is so much to see in the San Diego area, one of the best ways to take it all in is by traveling in a Town Car or Limo. Contact us for your wine country tour, driving up Highway 101 or San Diego downtown
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